Teaching Resources:
Teacher Vision Resource for Teachers- A standard teacher assistant site with general ideas surrounding lesson plans, activities, and more.
Discussion Questions for The Book Thief - A great source for teachers looking to shape discussion topics surrounding The Book Thief. This site may also serve as a good resource for teachers looking for essay questions.
The Book Thief Teaching Pros and Cons. -This site gives an well-constructed overview of the pros and cons of teaching this novel.
The Book Thief Lesson Plans- Sample lesson plans for teachers who need a jumping off point. While we do not recommend using these in their entirety, or current form, these provide a good base of ideas at your disposal in order to build your own classroom activities.

Holocaust Resources:
Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust- This website is dedicated to assisting teachers who need help planning a Holocaust specific unit.
United States Holocaust Museum Site - The museum, based out of Washington D.C. has a variety of resources on their website, including facts, a brief introduction, and an encyclopedia filled with articles and information relating to the topic.
Holocaust Facts - The page includes facts about the holocaust in a succinct and quick summary.
Holocaust Survivor Stories- "Survivor Stories" puts real people to the faceless experiences that students usually read about. There are six individuals on the site's main page. This is an excellent resource if you decide to use perspective as a literary importance of the novel.
The 1936 Olympics - The United States Holocaust Musem hosts an exhibition specifically on the Nazi regime using the Olympics, sports, and body image to prepare youth to enter into the military. This has site has a vast amount of historical photos, flow charts, and quotes from leading Nazi party members and speaks not only to indoctrinating the youth, but also on a lot of historical information Zusak used in his novel.

Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow- Written for young adults, this is an informative, highly-readable overview of the history of the Hitler Youth Movement and what life was like to be a young adult in Germany during this time. 
•Google Map of Munich- If accessing the site from the United States, you'll have to type in "Munich" into the search bar at the top of the page; however, after doing so, by toggling with the views in the upper-right hand of the map, you can access many features surrounding Munich.
English/German Dictionary - An excellent resource for students wanting to dive deeper into the German language of the text.