Sunday, February 27, 2011


 Rationale for New Cover

            Spilt paint represents the sense of something going wrong. There is a lot that goes wrong in Leisle’s life, a lot of emotions and problems that spill about. Paint is suitable for this novel considering its’ significance. Her foster father is a painter and this paint comes into play in many of the shorter stories within the novel, including using paint to learn to spell and read and also in painting over the pages of Mein Kampf (featured on the back cover). The paint spilling over the painted pages also represents how the problems of the novel take over Leisle’s very world, which revolves heavily around words.
            Also on the new cover is the sky merged with the paint. We found the sky an important addition due to Death’s narration. Death always points out the color and features of the sky, normally when people are dying. The colors truly tie into what is going on in the novel and so does the sky. It is a detail Death never leaves out, so why should we?

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